5 Mother’s Day Gifts That Give Back


It’s that time.

Time to celebrate the woman that birthed us, or raised us, or represents a maternal place in our heart. She [mostly] has unconditional love for us and now is the time of year to show gratitude, which is usually in the form of a last minute card purchase at the 24 hr Walgreens. Perhaps you take it one step further and add some type of candy to the shopping cart, which you later convince her, is in fact her favorite type of chocolate. ‘Don’t you remember that one time, Mom?’

I’m proposing we handle the festivities a bit differently this year.
Let’s give with meaning.
Let’s put thought into our purchases.
Let’s commit to giving something that makes more than our Mom’s heart smile.

We live in a time where we no longer have to choose between buying a socially conscious gift or buying something we like. Now, more than ever, socially conscious companies are popping up everywhere, and the products they offer are actually products we want.

I’ve made a list of some great socially conscious gift ideas for Mom.


1. Maji Cascading Brass Bracelet

Company: Jimani

Initiative: Each piece of jewelry is handmade by women living in impoverished villages in Kenya. In addition, a portion of profits support training programs that teach vocational skills.

A piece of jewelry can do a lot more than complete an outfit. It can spark a conversation, especially when there's a beautiful story behind it. What mom doesn't want to take advantage of a bragging opportunity? Flashback to 3rd grade, winning the obligatory participation medal that was proudly hung on the refrigerator.

This bracelet tells the story of employment, opportunity, and sustainability. Each piece represents a woman in an impoverished village that now has the means to provide for and nurture her family.




2. Ethiopian Sidamo

Company: Just Love Coffee

Initiative: All coffee is fair trade/organic and a portion of proceeds go to nonprofit organizations, with a particular passion for adopting families.

If you're a coffee drinker, this is your coffee. My fav is the Ethiopian Sidamo blend. It's a perfect combo of rich and smooth. In the same way, the company is a beautiful hybrid of fair trade, responsible business practices that stimulate small, local economies, and philanthropy for non-profits, specifically ones supporting adopting families.

If you have a friend, or even a friend of a friend that has adopted a child, odds are I don’t need to tell you how unnecessarily difficult it can be. The process is tedious and emotionally draining. Let’s celebrate the women taking on the role of mother to little ones that otherwise wouldn’t have that luxury.



3. Harper Apron

Company: Scarlet Threads 

Initiative: These aprons are handmade by women in a small village in China, giving them a means to support their families. Scarlet Threads also supports New Day Foster Home, an organization that provides life-saving surgeries and a loving home to orphans with special needs. 

I Know it might sound cliche to give Mom an apron for Mother's Day. After all, this is 2016 and any implication of gender roles might be fighting words. If your Mom is anything like mine, cooking had an expiration date, i.e. when I turned 10. After that it was ‘fend for yourself.’ However, if your Mom likes to cook, this is the perfect, fun gift. These aprons are colorful and lively.


How appropriate and beautiful to support orphans on a day when we’re celebrating our not-so-mandatory gift of having a mother.




4. Maya Hamsa Tote 

Company: Bloom and Give

Initiative: 50% of profits go towards girls education and mentoring programs in India.

This is in honor of all the times your Mom forced you to wake up for school, or packed you a lunch (sometimes with a love note in it), or pushed you to study and apply yourself. This would make her proud. This is taking the proverbial baton of education that we were so lucky to receive and passing it to the (in terms of free education) unlucky.

Not to mention, the high quality craftsmanship and detail make this bag easy to flaunt.



5. Pembe Triangle Necklace 

Company: BADALA

Initiative: BADALA funds scholarships to educate orphans, while also creating jobs for widows and teaching them how to save money and operate their own small businesses. Each piece is handmade by women in Kenya.

Not only does this necklace make a fashion statement with its beautifully simplistic design, it makes a statement about a cause. Each necklace sold represents the support of orphans and widows through education and job creation.

Giving this necklace to your Mom is like presenting her with a badge of honor for supporting mothers and children all over the world.


Any of these gift ideas are sure to brighten Mom's day, almost as much as that one time you made honor roll. For even more great socially conscious gift options, check out LatchCo!


By Jenny Long

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  • Jenny Long