5 Ways Weddings Can Give Back



Weddings are special. There's no doubt about it. 

In the past, they were more structured, manicured in such a way that each wedding resembled past weddings and there wasn't much room for deviating from the social norm.

These days, they are becoming less about the idealistic expectation and more about a true reflection of the couple themselves. You're free to have a traditional wedding, a funky wedding, a casual wedding, or simply a massive party.

No judgements.

The way in which the big day is celebrated is a representation of the values, beliefs, and desires that are important to the bride and groom, right?

With that in mind, couples are getting creative with the ways they reveal that and often times, incorporate socially responsible products and themes in the wedding. Sometimes they opt out of giving their guests a favor, and instead, put the money towards a charitable cause, or ask guests to donate to a charity in lieu of giving a gift. One of the easiest ways to stand apart and show support is by wearing or gifting products that are ethically made.  

Here are 5 gifts that give back ... wedding style.

The Bridesmaid Gift: Brave Collection (multiple colors)

Something simple with meaning that they'll remember for years. This delicate, handcrafted cotton and brass bracelet  says “Brave” (Klaa-han) in Khmer and was handmade in Cambodia by a local artisan to empower women across the globe. 10% of their profits are donated to fight human trafficking in Cambodia.


The Groomsman Gift: Socks to Give Clean Water

A snazzy way the guys can stand out. The purchase of these unique and ethically made socks provides 18 months of clean water to someone in need through water.org.


For The Bride: Ali Necklace

There's nothing better than a bride making a statement. This elegant, white beaded drop necklace is made by women in Uganda. Giving them employment enables them to provide food and education for their children.


For The Groom: La Flor Necktie

This tie turn heads just enough to look cool, but not detract from the bride. Proceeds from the purchase of this handmade, cotton linen necktie go towards building water wells in Nicaragua.


For The Bridal Party: Huaracha Sandals

Something for all the gals to sport. Proceeds from these handmade leather sandals support clean water efforts in Guatemala.
Bonus - they come in just about any color you want.


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  • Jenny Long