Why we  Parker Clay

With each product, Parker Clay partners with the Ethiopian non-profit Women at Risk in giving back to help more women in Ethiopia escape the commercial sex industry. By purchasing from Parker Clay, you join this movement. Woman at Risk has been helping women in Ethiopia for over 18 years through rehabilitation, counseling, and skills training.

In the capital city of Addis Ababa alone, it’s estimated there are over 150,000 women involved in the commercial sex industry. Lacking opportunities in which they can have meaning and hope, these women are easily lured into prostitution as a way of supporting themselves and their families. Parker Clay has seen first-hand their cry to leave the commercial sex industry. By partnering with Women at Risk, they are dedicating themselves to lifting these women out of prostitution and providing them with opportunity elsewhere. 94% of the women that have completed their program have stayed out of the commercial sex industry.

Parker Clay

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