Amora Necklace - Black

Product Description

Hands Producing Hope Description:

Amora means love - and boy, are we in love with the Amora necklace! Wear Amora alone, or combine it with another one or two to make your own statement piece. Handmade by Amelia, Fautina & Xenovia.

This Necklace's Impact:

Each piece of jewelry is handmade and by purchasing it, you are helping create jobs and educate the women that live in impoverished villages in Costa Rica and Rwanda.

    Why we  Hands Producing Hope

    Hands Producing Hope created a program that provides an income for marginalized individuals, encourages continued education, hosts various life skills workshops throughout the year, and helps develop skills that will equip those in the program long after they leave.

    Hands Producing Hope has set up their program in Rwanda and also in the Guaymi Indigenous Reservation in Costa Rica. Their artisans are paid an above fair wage, are treated with respect, and are taught that they and their dreams have value. They offer a variety of life skills work shops to help enrich the lives of their artisans, their families, and their communities.

    Through the program, many of the women they work with have a job for the first time in their lives. They are learning life skills, are offered educational scholarships, and have a stable income! There is long term change happening within their community as more children are able to attend school, they are fed more nutritious food, and they see the example of working hard that their mothers are setting for them!


    $ 22.00