Ana Stackable Bracelets

Product Description

AshaBelle Description:

These gorgeous sets are the Ana Stackable Bracelets. They are made with wood beads, crystals, and metal and compliment the Ana Necklaces in magenta or indigo. Each set includes four individual pieces so you can wear all four or mix and match them with other pieces.

Specs & Sizing:

  • Measure approx. 7 inches
  • Metal will antique over time so store in a dry location

Why we  AshaBelle

At AshaBelle, their products are handmade by at-risk women and their families living in New Delhi. AshaBelle seeks to empower women living in a local slum by giving them training and meaningful employment. Your purchase has power and makes a tremendous difference in the lives of the women artisans and their families.

The AshaBelle artisans live in the Zakhira slum. Less than 10% of the women in the slum have a job and many have been abandoned by their husbands, left to raise children without any support. The average family includes five children, while the average income is only Rs 3000/month ($50). With AshaBelle, these women are given an opportunity to have a fair paying job and support their family. With every purchase you can feel beautiful from the inside out because you are bringing the hope of a better future to these ladies.

$ 24.00