Crystal Necklace

Product Description

BADALA Description:

The Crystal Necklace is a long pendant necklace with a 1-1.5 inch long clear natural crystal quartz point pendant. Each crystal is natural and varies slightly in size and inclusions. It hangs from a 29 inch leather strand.

This Product's Impact:

Your purchase of a BADALA product helps them provide scholarships, microloans, and job training for women in Africa.

Why we  BADALA

BADALA is a non-profit organization with a social mission to empower widows and orphans to rise above their circumstances. They employ women in Rwanda to make their products, providing them with an opportunity to earn a decent living. BADALA funds scholarships to educate orphans, while also creating jobs for widows and teaching them how to save money and operate their own small businesses.

$ 24.00