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Product Description

Scarlet Threads Description:

We love this fabric because it reminds us of an Asian watercolor painting. It's a serene botanical theme painted in a vivid kaleidoscope of colors. We've trimmed it with a purple polka-dot accent fabric, including fabric accent buttons on the pocket and neck. Handmade by Deng Jia.

    Why we  Scarlet Threads

    Scarlet Threads' vibrantly colored aprons are made by three women living in a small village outside of Beijing, China. Providing the women with employment allows them to better support their families and, in some cases, stay home with their children rather than work outside of the home. In addition to the aprons being sold individually, Scarlet Threads has set up Adoption Fundraising Kits which have assisted countless families in their fundraising efforts for both domestic and international adoption.

    Scarlet Threads also works closely with and supports the efforts of New Day Foster Home, an organization in China that provides life-saving surgeries and a loving home to orphans with special needs. 

    $ 25.00