Moon Messenger

Product Description

LOOM Imports Description:

One of a kind messenger bag. Fully lined. Zip closure. Beautifully crafted from Hmong Hill Tribe traditional Thai textiles with 100% organic and natural plant dyed hemp. Handmade by Women's co-op and Artisan Guild of Northern Thailand.

Specs & Sizing:

  • Handmade in Northern Thailand
  • Measures 7" x 10"

Why we  LOOM Imports

LOOM's mission is to promote the fine craftsmanship of international Artisans and foster careers in traditional arts. Inspired by the art and influences of distant times and cultures, they hope to make you feel like you are on a beautiful journey! They hope that by opening new markets to isolated villages, they can not only help break the cycle of poverty, but share unique goods and their stories with you. They want to make sure that traditional techniques are not lost to history and continue to thrive and evolve with modern needs and styles.

LOOM supports sustainable community development without compromising traditional values and skills. LOOM is dedicated to producing their lines through supply chains which treat people with dignity and respect. They ensure fair wages, as well as provide resources for community development. 

LOOM firmly believes in work-life balance. Loom travels to inspire itself and others - to connect with unique people and situations that fuel knowledge and teach us about ourselves and our world.


$ 64.00