Solis Necklace

Product Description

Jimani Collections Description:

We love the simple elegance of our Solis Necklace. Its natural olive wood bead is hand cut by male artisans in Nairobi. Inspired by the sun’s solar flares, this unique necklace has two arching brass pieces gracefully hung from a beautiful brass chain.

This Necklace's Impact:

Each piece of jewelry is handmade by women in Kenya. By purchasing this necklace you are helping create jobs and educate the women that live in impoverished villages in Nairobi.

Specs & Sizing:

  • Measures 35 in.

Why we  Jimani Collections

Jimani Collections seeks to create a sustainable solution to poverty. They work with some of the poorest in the world - women who have experienced a harsh reality that few in the US can imagine. They offer these women employment and education within product design and product creation by giving them a sustainable income and a safe workplace. By building a bridge between consumers and artisans in the developing world, they're able to promote equitable trade while alleviating widespread poverty.

Jimani provides women with vocational skills through their partnership with the J127 Foundation, an organization that funds and organizes training programs for women.

$ 35.00

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